¨Benjamin¨ - Pastel & pastel pencils
¨Colin & Mia¨ - Acrylics on canvas

For commissions, prices start from £250.  Individual quotes will be given to take into account the intricacy and size of the artwork as well as the chosen medium.  I take commissions for both pets and people and I work in both oils and pastels.

The following sizes and prices provide a rough guideline.  

8 x 10″ = £250 
10 x 12″ = £300
12 x 16″ = £425
16 x 20″ = £650

Commissions as gifts

If you are needing a commission by a certain date, please let me know as soon as you can and I will let you know my availability.

¨Serenity¨- Oils on canvas board
¨Dora¨- Acrylics on canvas
 Payments & Postage

A non-refundable deposit of 20% is required before work begins with the balance due upon completion. 

Postage for the UK will be included in the quote. For overseas delivery I will give a postage cost along with the quote. 

Reference photos

It´s important that the photo/s you provide are clear and in focus with good resolution.  Photos taken in natural daylight are ideal, avoiding bright sunshine.  Using a flash can cause the detail to be lost and can create red-eye.   

Where possible, try to get take the photo at eye level with the subject.  I´m happy to combine images from multiple photos to create one piece of artwork, or even if you want something a little quirky.  Please be advised that this will affect the quotation.

If the photos you have are of a loved one that is sadly no long with you, I will be happy to work with what you have to create a lasting reminder.

As the commission progresses I will email you with photos of the artwork at different stages.  This will give you a chance to make comments along the way.

Book your commission

Email catherine@secretgardenstudio.co.uk, and attach your photos along with the size you would like and a date (if you have one) to get the process started.  If you have a question you would like to ask, but are not ready with photos just yet, please click here to message me.